The company has the know-how in the scope of ferroalloys production technologies and ferroalloys refining, production wastes and by-products management, energy technologies used for recovery and effective use of waste heat from production processes, electric arc-resistance furnaces construction solutions and their supporting structures, the company is also the owner of a few innovative solutions, including two patented ones.

The patents owned by European Solutions

Patent P-399232

The method of identification of resistance and power of active working areas of arc- resistance arc furnace, especially for ferrosilicon production


Patent P-197106

The method of graphitising modifier production for liquid cast iron


Patent application P-411272

A method of low-carbon ferro-silico-chromium production in electric arc-resistance furnaces

Date of application:

2015 rok


Date of obtaining a patent:

23.01.2018 r.

Patent application


The subject of the invention is a method of production of low-carbon ferrosilicochrome in electric arc-resistance furnaces. Ferrosilicochrome is used as a reducing agent in low-carbon ferrochrome production processes as well as an alloy and deoxidation additive for production of chromium steels.


The object of invention is to reduce carbon content in ferrosilicochrome and to conduct a two-phase process of obtaining low-carbon ferrosilicochrome in electric arc furnaces and a refining ladle without additional costs of charge materials and with the use of bath heat in the refining ladle.


The solution allows to:

  • produce the novelty pure alloy with reduced carbon content to 0.01% – the better quality of alloy (lower content of carbon and undesired gasses), the higher its price. Premium for high quality of alloy reaches even 20%.
  • reduction of unit energy consumption per metric ton of final product by 10%,
  • reduce alloy losses during secondary metallurgy process,
  • reduce  costs of refining  process thanks to utilization of silica dust, byproduct from silicon alloys production as refining agent.