European Solutions has a number of implemented projects in its portfolio: investment, advisory, and research ones, as well as successful and awarded ones, and those often subsidised.


The research and development team fulfils tasks aiming at gaining knowledge to develop new products and processes or to introduce significant improvements.


In 2008 the European Solutions team (former European Silicon) developed and supervised implementation and launching of an innovative solution of installation for production of electricity and domestic hot water from the post-production gases of arc-resistance furnaces including a comprehensive power unit for company’s medium voltage grid and heating network in Re Alloys Sp. z o.o. The Polish Agency for Enterprise Development awarded the project in the competition “Polish Product of the Future” in the category of: Technology of the Future at the pre-implementation stage.

Examples of implemented investment and research projects:

Current supervision over the implementation of co-financed projects within PO IR (Operational Programme Intelligent Development:

  • „Implementation and introduction of electricity production from heat of post-process gases”;
  • Modernisation of de-dusting installation of the furnace building;
  • Energetic audit of a technological process of furnace building and an internal heating system;
  • Reconstruction and modernisation of heating system;
  • Reconstruction and renovation – adaptation of the building to a modern office building along with the change of façade and thermo-modernisation;
  • A hangar construction at the Pyrzowice airport;
  • Launching a production of refined ultra-clean ferro-silico-chromium with controlled content of carbon, nitrogen, oxygen and hydrogen;
  • Development of an innovative production technology for production of ferroalloys with silicon and aluminium on the basis of industrial wastes, especially from mining industry.

Examples of pre-implementation projects (concepts, analyses, feasibility studies and / or business plans):

  • Construction of a plant with a production capacity of 50,000 tons FeSi75%, in Georgia
  • Construction of a silicon alloys plant in Chorzów
  • Replacement of the production capacity of the furnace building with the construction of a new 33 MW furnace with the possibility of energy recovery
  • A prototype production line for ultra-low carbon ferro-chromium (ULC FeCr)
  • Launching of magnesium alloys production
  • Deployment of microsilica in alkali metals silicates production by a hydrothermal method
  • Development and implementation within the company’s operations of a product which is ductile iron castings of enhanced plastic properties
  • Development of an innovative zinc alloy of increased resistance for production of auto glazing positioners, additionally automation of their palletisation process
  • Rationalisation of the energy consumption in a dedusting an extraction system of the furnace building IV – RE Alloys Sp. z o.o.
  • Enhancing energy efficiency of transformers supplying the production plant of Re Alloys Sp. z o.o.
  • Demonstration line using waste heat for production of pallets having properties enabling their deployment by ferroalloys production
  • Reduction of chlorides content in microsilica
  • Using heat of waste post-production gases from smelting furnaces for purification of microsilica made in waste gases of the ferrosilicon smelting process, as well as improvement of the energy efficiency, economic and environmental factors of ferroalloys production
  • Deployment of waste heat of a production process in torrefaction process
  • Production of electricity from biomass in an integrated system of air boiler – gas turbine
  • Development of a technology of heating boilers superstructure by combined gas and steam turbine powered by solid fuels
  • Development of a concept of the Łaziska Virtual Power Plant (EW)
  • Development of an innovation technology for smelting of small fractions of ferrosilicon with the use of liquid metal heat and heat of firing of unwanted elements
  • Development of a method for diversification of reduction coal blends in order to enhance the electrothermal reduction processes efficiency
  • Introduction of robotised casts grinding stands by the Tool on Board (ToB) and Piece on Board (PoB) methods in a cast iron foundry
  • Implementation of the non-destructive testing (NDT) in the Foundry, i.a.: UT- ultrasonic tests, RT- x-ray tests
  • 3D printers in the Foundry industry – production of die cast tools i.a. for short production batches
  • The innovative process of cast iron castings production with the use of an intelligent informational managing system
  • Development and implementation of the innovative, integrated steering algorithm for the high- grade silicon alloys production process in electric, arc-resistance furnaces of the furnace building IV on the basis of on holistic control system of process parameters
  • Development of an innovative technology for production of FeSi75 with ultra-low content of carbon with the use of refining slag based on amorphous silica dust
  • Development of a technology for processing of tungsten molybdenum ores concentrate of the Ochtina deposit resulting in receiving ferrotungsten and ferromolybdenum alloys
  • Securing quartzites supplies used as a basic material in ferrosilicon production
  • Participation in preparing the Feasibility Study for the INNOSTAL Steel Sector Sectoral Programme
  • Introduction of an innovative hotel service based on a programme “Actively=Happily!”
  • Assessment of concentrated microsilica’s influence on moulding mass properties