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European Solutions

European Solutions is a part of Luma Metallurgical Industry – a group of companies from industrial and service branch belonging to Luma Holding.


The key area of the company’s activity is initiation of new research projects, in cooperation with academics, and finding innovative solutions , encouraging improvement and modernisation of the production process, cost optimisation or introduction of new or significantly enhanced product.


European Solutions conducts the research and development business activity for the Luma Holding’s companies, as well as for external clients. In this field the company successfully prepares applications for project co-financing by the EU funds, and subsequently leads and holds account for the subsidised project.


Another area of activity is a project management. Within the company there is the Project Management Office (PMO), whose main aim is the effective project management – lowering costs, effects control, improving timeliness. Experienced managers guarantee project implementation following best practices, using methodologies tailored to a commissioned project. The scope of the PMO tasks embraces: a project organisation, forming and management of an interdisciplinary team, preparation of schedule and budget, risk management, and project documentation quality management.

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We help to develop your business Offer


We have been implementing R&D projects for our production companies and for external clients since 2008. We implemented over 100 short- and long-term R&D, investment and technological projects.


European Solutions consists of project management specialists, industry specialists, engineers, and scientists.  The team can fully exploit the obtained know-how to an investor’s interest.  It is confirmed by references and the experience gained by implementation of projects with multimillion budgets.


A wide portfolio of partner companies (Luma Metallurgical Industry), employing a large number of managers, engineers, and functional experts, as well as cooperation with many scientific centres and institutions allow for seeking synergy with our existing and future projects.

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